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From script selection to promotions
For better return-on-investment
Film package evaluation
Quantified analysis of film scripts. Casting and demographics insights. Vast historical database of films in one place.
Quality of scripts evaluated based on key parameters that constitute great storytelling
Scored by AI models trained on over 10,000 film database
Vast actor database with their quotations, audience perception and box office history
Compare actors with proprietary metrics - Bankability Index and Crowd Pull Index
Unlike traditional tools, ours takes much relevant films based on the story setup, plotline, character arcs to coalesce into one single metric - ‘Film Genus’
This also helps in understanding the film’s positioning relative to the historical database
In one particular project, we had to pin down 1 among 3 potential actors for a
lead role. They furnished us with detailed, action-oriented reports for use during both
pre-production and promotion stages.
Naga Mallidi
Executive Producer, Annapurna Studios
In one particular project, we had to pin down 1 among 3 potential actors for a lead role. Artmetrix’s insights really helped us there. Our confidence in their data insights grew as their model's predictions were consistently coming out to be about 90% accurate.
Naga Mallidi
Executive Producer, Annapurna Studios
Promotion and Distribution Analysis
One stop place to understand all about your project’s promotions, audience reception and distribution strategy
Constant tracking and reporting of promotional activities across all platforms. With comparisons from same film genuses
Huge volumes of audience responses are analysed and micro-level sentiments are measured
Box-office opening predicted based on effectiveness of promotional activities; directly informing the promo strategy
Artmetrix helped us relocate nearly 30% of promotional budget more efficiently in one of our big budget films. Technology is changing how we distribute and watch content. Artmetrix is
working on changing the way it is made.
Rana Daggubati
Actor/Producer, Suresh Productions
Our team
Passionate about movies and technology. Working at the intersection of both.
Bethanavel K
IIT Madras, Ex-Ola Cabs
Ashwin V
Data Scientist
IIT Madras, Ex-JotArthur
Rohan Anil
IIT Madras, Ex-National Aerospace Laboratories
Arshad N
Business Development
IIT Madras, Ex-Ola Cabs
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